Night Climbing (Natklatring)

Come for a night climb in the park! You now have the opportunity to climb treetops tops while it is dark. The park will be decorated with lamps in the trees and you will be given a light bulb.

  • For participation, the normal price is paid for access to the park.
  • There is no age limit for this event
  • There is no registration deadline for this event
  • Night climbing takes place on 15 May and 16 October and starts at 20:00
  • Buy your tickets on the “BOOK NOW” botton

We are open by appointment!

If you want to climb outside our original opening hours, a minimum of 10 adults (+12 years) or 15 children (under 12 years) is required.

  • Price per Person: 319 DKK (Children under 12 years – 269 DKK)
  • The booking will take place at least one week before your intended use.