Funky Monkey Park offers a bold and unique bachelor party in Kolding with lots of action. Bring the bride or groom to “The Scary Monkey” which is crazy fun, exciting and wild. It all takes place at 15 or 20 meters. It is possible to pre-order our barbecue menu, which can afterwards be enjoyed in the park. Throw the groom or the bride in a costume and get some funny pictures. REMEMBER: Costumes makes it more fun! Get dressed at home or borrow our cool monkey suit, and have a bachelor party in Odense or Kolding at Funky Monkey Park.

We have a variety of combination options that helps you create the perfect day. Find the combination that suits you the best and book now – If you only want to book 3 hours of climbing, this can be done by ordering regular tickets

Note: Alcohol must not be inhibitory in relation to climbing. People who are visibly drunk are not allowed to climb.

* Offers can not be combined with other discounts.

We have many more combinations as well as solutions, so give us a call at 70 23 83 13 and we will put together the perfect day for you