Frequently asked questions

We always see many of the same questions, you may find your question on this page, if not then feel free to call us at +45 70 23 83 13 where we are ready to help you.

When is the park open / is the parks open today?

See out opening hours page of the park you wish to visit to quickly get an overview of our opening hours.

What are the prices?

When booking online, you always get a 10% discount. If you are over 15 people, it will trigger a group discount of 20%. This is achieved by writing “Group 15 pers.” In the campaign code field. If you are over 50 people, we would like to make you a custom offer for your event.

How does it work? What happens when we get to the park?

When you arrive at the park, you are greeted by the instructor who will give you your climbing equipment. The instructor will give u a tutorial on how the works safety equipment works and general information about the park, you will be given a demonstration and instructions on one of our courses, at 1-meter altitude. Here the instructor will show you how our safety system works and give you some general tips and info so you are well equipped to use the park. The instruction takes approx. half an hour. after that, you are free to explore the park.

How old should you be to climb?

In Funky Monkey Park, there is (almost) no age limit, but a height limit. Children over 120 cm can climb almost all lanes. There is, however, an exception; The requirement for climbing on “The Scary Monkey” is a height of 150 cm and an age of 14 years. Children under 120 cm must use the children’s courts. These are only found in the park in Odense.

Can you plan a bachlor party in Funky Monkey Park?

A bachelor party in Funky Monkey Park is a fun and thrilling experience. Dress up the bride or groom, one of our monkey suits, and send them 20 meters up in the trees. It is an experience they will soon forget. It’s both fun and challenging, and perfect for both big and small groups.

Can you have a company event with you?

Both large and small companies have company events with us. Start the day with a fun time climbing, and end with our barbecue, or a delicious sandwich.

Is it okay to drink and climb?

If you are able to drive a car, you are also able to climb, but drunk persons are not allowed to climb.

Is it okay to bring alcohol?

It is okay to bring your own alcohol, but it must be enjoyed after the event.

How long can we wait to report the final number of people?

If you want to book a harness in Funky Monkey Park, you must also confirm that you will pay for it. For private customers, you pay directly through our booking system, and for companies that want invoice, the number is confirmed by mail. After confirming the number, it is not possible to downgrade the number. Should there be less on the day, we will distribute free tickets for those who have not appeared. These have value, of a full climb ticket, and are valid for a full year. The money is not lost.

Can i bring my own food and drinks?

Yes, food and drinks can be brought with you and enjoyed in the parks.

Can you go the park if you do not have to climb?

Those who do not want to climb are more than welcome to accompany the climbing from the forest floor or enjoy the sun at our table/bench set. Everyone is welcome in the park.

Can you climb if there is bad weather?

If there is lightning, we’ll take people down from the trees and send them up again, 15 minutes after we’ve heard the last thunder.

It’s almost never for bad weather to climb! We shut down when there is a stiff breeze (14 m / s). You are well protected under the leaves, so rain is not a problem if you are well-dressed. Rain also does not represent a safety hazard, either for the equipment or on the courses.