About Funky Monkey Park

Treetop parks have become more and more popular in Denmark in recent years. In the last 20 years, over 2000 parks have been built in Europe, and many Danes have visited these parks on holidays outside Denmark. I have even encountered the parks on numerous vacations in Europe or in connection with conferences about climbing and teambuilding in which I have participated.

I built my first small park with 3 lanes and 20 challenges back in 2001, and we named it Monkey trail. It was a fun park and every year we had  a moderate number of guests, but not enough. That’s why I started looking for partners to create the foundation for building some great and unique climbing parks. It took a few years, but in 2010 things worked out and a small team of investors joined the project.

In 2011, we took the step in full and built our first large park in the middle of Odense. After a long time searching for the perfect location, we could finally get started. We choose to call it Funky Monkey Park, which today are among the largest parks in Denmark. There were 7 courses and 85 challenges in the middle of Odense and after the great success we followed up with a park in Kolding. Hylkedalen’s wild ice age gulf and beautiful scenery create the scene for a park that covers more than an area of 12 football fields with 6 courses and 60 different obstacles.

Eventually, a number of smaller and larger climbing parks in Denmark have been built, such as Camp Adventure at Næstved at Gisselfeldt, Kragerup Go High, To Tops at Havreholm and Frederiksdal, Gorilla Park in Vejle and Svendborg, Holstenshuus climbing park in Fåborg, Go Fly at Gavnø, Holbæk Klatrepark and Highpark on Bornholm.

Yours sincerely,
Søren Madsen – Director of Funky Monkey Park A / S

Once you have bought your ticket

When you want to book a trip to Funky Monkey Park you have two options. You can either book here on the website or you can meet up in one of the parks.

We recommend that you book online, as you are ensured that there is a spot reserved in the park. In addition, you will also receive an online booking confirmation.

Once you have made your reservation you will meet up in the park where you will be greeted by an instructor. The instructor helps you get in the climbing equipment and gives you safety instructions and an introduction to the courses.

After the introduction, your climbing ticket gives you access to the climbing courses for 3 hours.