Tree top Adventure Park for all ages

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Funky Monkey Park

Funky Monkey Park is a Treetop Adventure Park in Denmark located in Kolding and Odense. 


Funky Monkey Park is a wild experience for all ages. We have a park in Kolding, Jutland and one in Odense on Fyn. The two parks has 6-7 different courses in the treetops. The courses varies in degree of difficulty and the park in Odense has a children’s course for the little ones. There are kilometres of zip lines, climbing walls, loose steps and lots of other challenges when you are hanging 3-15 meters above the ground.

The hole experience includes a 30 minutes training session with our staff where you get familiar with our safety gear, including an introduction to the routes. After that you have 3 hours of free climbing in the adventure park. If you need a break you can enjoy a drink or something to eat from the café.