Safety and rules for Funky Monkey Park

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Safety & rules


The safety for climbers in Funky Monkey Park always have first priority and our safety rules must be followed unconditionally. Safety equipment is in a very high quality and our instructors are well educated and competent. No one will be allowed to climb until they completed the mandatory training session and have been approved for climbing. People who are climbing must always follow the instructors guidelines. Failure to do so will result in suspension. The instructors may at any time assess a person unfit to climb.

In case of rain.

Rain will not change anything except you will get wet. It is actually fun to climb when it is raining. A little water makes the whole experience a little more challenging and the trees often cover for most of the rain. Remember to bring waterproof clothing, if the weather forecast reports rain.

Note: In case of a violent storm, maybe even with lightning and thunder, the courses will be closed.