Rules in Funky Monkey Park

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Who can access the park?

  • Children under 8 years must be supervised by a climbing adult.
  • Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult (The adult do not necessarily need to climb but have to be in the park)
  • Adults must take full responsibility for accompanying children. Either from the ground or on our courses.
  • Youngsters between 12-18 years can access the park without adult supervision with permit from parents/guardian.
  • Children under 110 cm/ 3.6 ft. tall must use the children course. (Only available in Odense)
  • “The Scary Monkey Course” should only be used by people aged 14 and older.

Who can not access the park

  • People under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicants
  • Pregnant people, people with breathing problems, bad heart, bad back/neck
  • People weighting more than 130 kg./ 290 lb.
  • The instructors may at any time assess a person unfit to climb.

Before and during climbing

  • Do not climb until you have gone through the mandatory introduction course and has been approved by the instructor.
  • Do not loosen or change your harness once it is approved by the instructor.
  • After a visit to the bathroom, the harness must be checked by an instructor before the resumption of climbing.
  • Before climbing, you should put long hair in a ponytail, and loose jewelry, purses and other loose items should be stored away. Can be delivered in the cafe.
  • Mobile phones and cameras are allowed at your own risk.
  • Max 2 people on each platform and 2 people on each obstacle.
  • Smoking is prohibited while wearing a climbing harness.
  • People at the facility must follow the instructor’s directions. Failure to do so will lead to the expulsion.
  • Closure of the park due to storm or thunderstorm, is considered as force majeure and does not require repayment of money or extension of the climbing time, unless this is possible.

Before I / we climb, I / we have reviewed intro course and climbing only if I / we become approved for climbing