About Funky Monkey Park

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About Fonky Monkey Park

Fun, excitement and action for everyone in the treetops
In Funky Monkey Park we are ready to give you a Funky treetop experience, in a beautiful environment. Feel the rush on our many thrilling challenges in many different heights with excitement for everyone.
Our great instructors, cool games, and the top level of safety, challenges you and your friends courage in our many treetops.

What is Treetop adventure?
Treetop adventure is an experience everyone should try. We offer many routes/courses in different heights. Long zip wires through the woods and many other different challenges. There are courses for everyone.
Funky Monkey Park’s crazy treetop adventure has many different levels of difficulty.
You will get 3 hours in our adventure park. The first 30 min. are safety instructions and training session on our practice course, in next 2.5 hours you can try our many different levels. Our top level of safety and cool challenges allows you to test the heights and get an adrenaline rush in a safe environment in Funky Monkey Park

Our state of the art adventure park safety gear guarantees an enjoyable and safe day in our parks.

You are more than welcome to book online, email us info@funkymonkeypark.dk or call us +45 70 23 83 13

Opening hours: 10-17
Open all weekends, holidays and vacations.